1. Another You
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Another You

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Song: Another You

Album: Becoming

Band: Ovrhol

Label: Independent


Well isn't it a pity
I couldn't find just what to say
Or put together the strong of words
That'd make you want to stay

I've been in pieces
And love's left another stain
With all I try I can't seem to find
(A way) to make it go away

So all I've left to do
Is to find another you

It doesn't really matter
Theirs nothing left to figure out
Because what is left of what I knew
Has drowned in all my doubt

But in the end it's better
There's nothing worse then wasted time
Another night another lie
Then move on with your life

So all I've left to do
Is to find another you
Find another you
Just burn away all these memories
And forget what I thought I knew
Find another you
Find another you
All I've left to do